Dance Floor Hire Gloucestershire

We provide Dance floor hire in Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties. Do you love to dance? Create that wow factor for your wedding party or special event with our stunning Colour Commander LED dance floor.
Showtime Event Hire’s colour commander dance floor stands out from the crowd as not only can it display a starlit pattern which you will find on most other dance floors, but the floor can create stunning graphics onto the floor such as 70s disco, fireworks, first dance heart, texts, animations, count downs. The floor will become a focal point that will make your guests dance all night long. Ever heard of a dance floor D.J? This is the person operating the floor changing graphics to suit the type of music being played.

These floors are load bearing, water resistant and made from non slip acrylic plastic.
They have a low profile so your guests will have no difficulty getting on and off it. These floors are quick to set up and can be up and running in about 45 minutes depending on location and access. Usually placed in front of the DJ booth for maximum effect.

This is by far the most advanced and fun dance floor there is to hire.

Say goodbye to the norm and show off with the colour commander dance floor.

Some of its key features are listed below:

  • Size 14ft x 12ft

  • Instantly display amazing patterns, graphics, animations and video

  • Animate text to whiz across the floor- customise like never before

  • With built-in sound to light, the floor will pulse, bounce and twinkle in time to music

  • Wow your guests with the most amazing light show they have ever seen!

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