Showtime MR & MRS Wedding letters

mr_and_mrs2Here at Showtime we love our big Mr & Mrs LED wedding letters!

They are approximately 4ft in height and when set up are about 30ft long.

They are handmade out of wood, and the letters have a recess all around where we have fitted our LED Bluetooth light system. Unlike some letters out there these are led and do not get hot! An important thing to us especially if you have inquisitive children at your event!

bulbThese lights have endless colour options available on them. Whether you want to set your lights as standalone colours, mix them up with cross fading colours or have them dancing to your music.

We recommend that our letters are set up next to the dance floor for maximum impact. But can go anywhere at your venue in the required space. (Letters need a plug socket to run.)

If you’re getting married, renewing your vows and are celebrating with a party or even an anniversary party our letters are certainly a talking point, but most of all are really cool and add major impact to your celebration.

Hire our letters from £295 – see special offers where these are included in our Wedding Bundle .

Free delivery up to a 10 mile radius and £1.50 per mile thereafter.

Contact us for more information.

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